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Homeowner Associations

                    Don't Get Mad, Get Paid!

BEST ALLIANCE FORECLOSURE AND LIEN SERVICES can serve all of your collection needs. We will assume responsibility for the collection of dues, fees and costs from delinquent members and convert your non-payers into good payers.

BEST ALLIANCE can resolve most disputes without additional cost to your association*.

Your association will not be left with uncollectable judgments. When necessary BEST ALLIANCE can institute a non- judicial foreclosure procedure (instead of a judicial foreclosure) which will save time and money.


BEST ALLIANCE Collection Service Includes:
Mailing Demand Letters
Preparing and Filing Notice of Delinquent Assessment Lien
Initiating Foreclosure Action (when necessary)
Pursuing Small Claims Action (if Senior forecloses)
Monthly Status Reports your Association can understand
Deeds-In-Lieu of Foreclosure
Forbearance Agreements, Repayment plans
Presentations/Seminars for Your Board Members

** The Homeowners Association is ultimately responsible for the fees and costs of the Lien and Foreclosure. No deposit is required to begin the collection process. A deposit for all fees and costs through sale will be due at the Sale Stage. This deposit may be waived to sale, however, we charge an additional collection fee of 5% of the collection amount.**


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